We would like to inform you that we have a beautiful new litter P.
If you are interested in a kitten from us, please contact us via email or massenger. [email protected]
Massenger: Cattery Calmcat or Izabela Calmcat



New litter K – October 2019

We are pleased to announce that our beautiful Ducatti Calmcat is expecting her first babies. Dad is our beloved lilac Umberto Ter Heide. We will be ready to welcome babies in the middle of October. More information will be on…

Litter J

If you looking for lovely, beautiful and cuddle kitten please contact on email or messenger: [email protected] or Izabela Calmcat. Thank you.

We have available kittens.

If you like our kittens please contact me on email or messenger. [email protected] or Izabela Calmcat Thank you.

Our new stud

Our new beautiful ticked lilac boy. His wonderful colour, strong body and unique character gives us great hopes for beautiful babies in the future. We are very grateful to Kurt and Anoeska  Fondu and for beautiful Umberto Ter Heide from…

Welcome litter E

Our beloved Luisa gave birth to 3 beautiful babies today (31.01.2018). Two boy and one girl. Lusia and Bacadi have babies for the second time. They were born very big. We are happy that they are with us. 31.01.18 –…

Welcome litter D

24.01.2018 – we welcomed our blue sky, litter D. We have 5 very big, beautiful and healthy babies. Mom and babies feel good and have a big appetite. We are very happy. Parents: F. CH Bacardi Ter Heide’s (blue) M….

New litters D and E

We are sure that Zahra Clever Paw’s is waiting for her babies. We look forward to blue babies from this lovely parents in the second half of January. We hope to have a good and healthy birth. Father is our…

Our lovely Cassandra Calmcat – litter C

Beautiful picture and wonderful life has our Cassandra- blue girl. This is the biggest reward for us when we see the happy life of our babies. Cassandra is 5 months old. We love this photo.

TICA Show and our Bacardi Ter Heide

Our beloved Ch Bacardi Ter Heide’s was on the TICA show in Coventry o,10.12.2017. We are very pleased with the results. Our boy was very patient. BEST SH CAT 3rd BEST Cat 8rd BEST Cat 10rd     

TICA SHOW – Coventry 9-10. 12. 2017 Corall Calmcat

We are very happy and proud because our baby Corall Calmcat won BEST SH KITTEN at the TICA show in Coventry 9,10.12.2017 and much more … BEST SH KITTEN! BEST KITTEN 2nd BEST kitten 6th BEST kitten 7th BEST kitten…

SMALL but we enjoy it.

We have new cards with our logo and information about us. We hope that it is useful in every situation.

Our new girl

Tortie cats are very beautiful girls. Each one is unique. For a long time we were…

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